Tuesday, 5 May 2009

balenciaga fall winter 2007 fringed ethnic scarf

what is insanity? a scarf costing almost US$6,000? when the scarf was first shown on balenciaga's fall winter 2007 show, everyone wanted it, i wanted it too. but a few months down the line back then, when more information about prices were made available, more than a few jaws dropped. the 67% rayon, 22% linen, and 11% polyester scarf was to be retailed for US$5,959.

what is insanity? that same scarf made it's way to ebay, and current asking price is US$5,595. hey that's US$364 discount!

besides infamous sizing issues, balenciaga is indeed also famous for it's at times odd pricing. i appreciate that it is time consuming to hand sew all the intricate metal pieces onto the scarf. but i didn't think the exquisite and coveted schoolboy blazers from that season retailed for that much.

if one's interested, click here for the ebay listing.

what is insanity? spending US$5,595 on a scarf, or spending that amount on an item on ebay, where one can't physically touch and experience the product before purchase?

so tell me, what is insanity?



  1. one word: madness

    to anyone who actually spends that kind of $ to get a scarf. might as well, save it for a birkin! that, you wouldn't be reprimanded for being insane thou :)

  2. Hermès has a similarly priced scarf, triangular one, patched from different scarves, embroidered and with silver fringes. According to an Hermès SA, it's embroidered by the same guys that make haute couture dresses for Dior. It's about USD 5000.

    But that's Hermès and this is Balenciaga.


  3. Insanity is to buy something without any experience with it, especially at this price.And i agree with Kit, for this price, please let me make a visit at 24 Faubourg St Honoré in Paris for an HAC by Hermes.

  4. eclair: to be fair, i don't think we can get a HAC for US$6,000... (or can we? if yes i am rushing to paris tomorrow!)

  5. i agree, it's silly to spend that much on just a scarf. a leather good is much more justifiable. but hey to each his own...or whatever the saying is.

    -ps. i think this is a sighting of your bal jacket

  6. -h: oh my god, yes!! he looks so regal!!!
    thanks for the link!!!

  7. i LOVE this scarf too. $1500 yes, $6000 no. i'll just wait for TopShop/Zara/H&M to do something similar.

  8. This is just the craftsperson in me talking, but, I think I'm gonna try and make this scarf.

    Cheaper than 6000 dollars, that's for sure!

  9. Excuse me J., i always forget to transform us dollar in euros. For sure, the HAC of Hermès couldn't cost 6000 $. But with this money i thing that u could rush in a LV store and made a special command like a keepall 60 in epi leather with strap and internal pocket, and why not impress ur own sign next to the LV sign like this: LV x 00o00. That's a better ideas than the balenciaga's scarf, no?!


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