Friday, 8 May 2009

the balenciaga specialist at barney's nyc

reader -h found another pic of my all time favourite balenciaga men's fall winter 2007 gold buttoned peacoat:

there's dressing up, and there's new yorkers' dressing up! i don't know if i am more jealous of the lanvin cap, the gargantuan velvet bow tie or the illustrious fur collar. he looks like a bag of fun and you just want to hang out with him. ok i wouldn't wear those trousers but i honestly think it works for him and he looks amazing.

hearts <3

there's more of him here.
there's more of me here.

happy weekends!


  1. I honestly think that coat looks hideous, each to hiw own I suppose. It look like he woke up and fell in his Great grannys wardrobe. Dont get me wrong Im all for vintage but this is a step in the wrong direction just my opin.

  2. This chap is amazing! I particularly love the top half of his ensemble. I agree that the Balenciaga pea coat is something truly special.

  3. an almost good ensemble ruined by those horrid croc-effect copper pants.

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  5. mmm...i really luv the coat and think it looks great on you but on this guy it looks appaling.he doesnt ve the physics for this outfit and so only conclusion: major fashion failure

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  7. For sure i'll not wear this trousers!!

  8. This coat is fantastic, is it available on the bayyy?

    yours Nathaniel follow along


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