Friday, 15 May 2009

bootie call

the postman interrupted my sleep this morning to hand me my parcel. he looked very shocked, i'm not sure if it's my crazy "just got out of bed" hair or i opened the door in my red gap boxer shorts or i have some unmentionables on my eyes. ermmm either way he delivered my new opening ceremony ivory leather and brown suede boots!

the shoes definitely looked much better and appeared better constructed than the £39 price suggested. there are still a few sizes left if you're interested you can get it here while they are still running the 20% off promotion plus free delivery!

these fit snuggly and a little on the tight side but being leather i'm sure it will stretch.

that's three new pairs of shoes in a week! bootilicious


  1. bootie call indeed...are you sure you never invited the cute postman inside the house?:-P

  2. They look even better here than on Yoox! Love the way you shoot them Joe! Nice...

  3. Ugly shoes ARGG

  4. look like you have invited some jealous nuts up there. pretty shoes, i yike! (that's how my nephew says 'like')

  5. nice shoe, if the top part is removed. or issit removable? seriously, i dunno how you gonna wear it? shorts? berms? if you wear with pants or jeans, what's the point of having the cloth part above the opening as it would be covered up? hmmmmmm....:)

  6. p76: i'll wear it with jeans or trousers, and when you sit down, a bit of the brown suede would be exposed. it's the "more than meets the eye" thing that i really like about the shoe.

    and for £39 it's really a fun pair.

  7. haha. ok.
    remember to snap when you wear it!
    curious to see...hee


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