Saturday, 9 May 2009

bruised & battered

jack mccollough, one half of design duo "proenza schouler", spotting a broken nose by kiefer sutherland, and my unlikely style hero ryan gosling spotting a bruised eye for movie "blue valentine". bruised and battered but they still look hot, just how do they do it.

"i was bruised and battered and i couldn't tell what i felt, i was unrecognizable to myself. i saw my reflection in a window i didn't know my own face. i walked the avenue till my legs felt like stone, i heard the voices of friends vanished and gone. the night has fallen, i'm lying awake i can feel myself fading away. so receive me brother with your faithless kiss or will we leave each other alone like this on the streets of philadelphia." ~ bruce springsteen

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what's he wearing?