Monday, 25 May 2009

emma hope python leather sneakers

it's a holiday on monday here in the UK so it's a long weekend for most of us. i took tuesday off as well, so it's even l00o00nger for me! well, i've just chilled and lounged and lazed and chill some more all weekend, which is very nice. space and time are very precious commodities.

and *ho humm* i did a bit of online shopping. i ordered a pair of python leather sneakers from british shoe designer emma hope.

i tried these on a few months back and i like it, but decided against it as it was rather pricey. although it's python leather, it doesn't appear garish at all. i thought it was quite subtly done. the one on the left is called "joe", and the hi-tops is called "magic basket". tempting as it is to get my namesake shoes, i went for "magic basket" instead.

the hi-tops was £349, it's now reduced to £129. "joe" isn't available on their website, but can be found at for £125.

there were also various designs in velvet and suede, reduced to £99 and upwards. so python for £129 sounds reasonable to me.

more shoes! this will go nicely with my quest for exotics this year.

click here for more emma hope sneakers on
click here for more emma hope sneakers on their website.


  1. The velvet sneakers look so good!!! They are almost fancy enough to be worn to a black tie event... almost ;) and 00o00, you are so lucky you had a four day weekend

  2. the python sneakers are sublime. you've got excellent taste.

  3. gee, you buy something every week! what a luxe life! :)

  4. michelle: they have the ladies' verson too, check it out! i love 4 day weekends!!!

    izzy: thank you :D

    fm: ummm yea i did, but just for this month i think. ok i'll cut back :s

  5. Very beautiful sneaker. I prefer "Joe".

  6. I want those pythons too!

  7. I love the velvet ones. They look classic and yet informal:)

  8. Yes Mark, I do agree with you... he does shop every week doesn't he? Heh...

  9. its a beautiful fleets shoes for both man and women.


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