Wednesday, 27 May 2009

"gros & delettrez" vintage hermès auction

just how many is too many? not when it comes to vintage hermès auction it seems. last week auction house "artcurial" curated 766 items for sale, and on june 8th another parisian auction house "gros & delettrez" will also (strangely and coincidentally?) be auctioning 766 vintage hermès items over the course of 2 days. that's a lot of vintage hermès flowing through paris!

seems like the recession isn't stopping them, or was it because of the recession collectors are selling their wares? i don't think i will be bidding on any, but i had great fun going through the auction catalogue, abeit not all items were photographed. it was interesting to see just how extravagant some of these vintage pieces were.

this exceptional hermès "drag" had an auction estimate of €2,800 - €3,200. from what i observed, final price is usually twice of auction estimate when fees, taxes and shipping is added. this bordeaux wine colored bag isn't the most practical of bags for travelling, but it exemplifies the extravagance and glamour associated with travelling a few decades back. just stunning and definitely a show stopping piece.

does hermès still produce the "sac de voyage"? this vintage bag in unbleached linen and black leather measures 73cm x 30cm and has an estimate of €1,000 - €1,200. for mere mortals, this would exceed most commercial airline's hand luggage measurements at 55cm and would therefore have to be checked in. i really do shudder at that thought. gosh, i really am a mere mortal.

i really like this vintage hermès "plume". it's well battled and one that ages gracefully. i really do not mind the initials on that bag, for it represents a story behind it and everyone comes with baggages. this couldn't be more apt. the bag has an auction estimate of €800 - €900.

the original hermès travelling bag, the "HAC (haut à courroies)" was introduced before the "birkin", and they tweaked the design slightly for jane birkin and the rest they said was history. the bag was initialed AM, and had an estimate of €3,000 - €3,300. amazing really.

i really love these auctions as i never know what i might find. i love love love this vintage hermès desk agenda crafted out of beige leather. it's just something so worth collecting. auction estimate is €200 - €250. 00o00h i really like it. now, who's feeling generous?? *flutter eyelashes*

and then there were the exotic leather items:

totally extravagant, a comb with a crocodile leather case. i'm pretty sure the comb's not made of plastic too. own a piece of vintage hermès exotics with an estimate of €50 - €70. i don't know why, but i keep getting the impression that this is someone else's heirloom piece.

words fail me with this porosus crocodile "sac à dépêches". it's described as in excellent condition (très bon état!), and has an estimate of €6,000 - €7,000.

but i thought, what a different fate the other crocodile had.

i thought that the vintage "sac malette" was exquisite. the 33cm bag/case is lined with bordeaux wine colored velvet, and made with crocodile leather on the exterior. the bag has an estimate of €1,800 - €2,000, a far cry from the previous bag.

and when i thought i've seen it all, there comes the special order chinese mahjong set circa the 1930's. my yahoo translator tells me the tiles were made from mahogany tree and fawn-coloured leather, and something in bone and ivory too. i mean, which opium den owner commissioned this exceptional piece, and whose unfilial descendants are selling it now? this unusual lot has an estimate of €1,500 - €2,000. that's a lot of mahjong money i say.

i had a great time viewing the lots. if you're interested you can find out more here. love vintage, love auctions, love hermès!



  1. That croc briefcase is sensational.

  2. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after I saw that sac à dépêches. It is soooo gorgeous!

  3. Wow, the croc-leather comb case is like you say, extravagant.

    On an unrelated note, but related to Hermés... at Liberty this past Monday I noticed some very nice Hermés button-ups, which were actually on sale for that day only at 20% off. They should still be able to be found in Liberty's small vintage cabinet area in the middle of meswear on the lower ground floor.

  4. Super hard to figure out. Everything's in French! LOL.

  5. michael / luxelust: sssssensational! i love!

    blakey: i know the vintage concession, i bought a hermes tie there previously! they having 20% off??? i am so going there!!

    fm: i know! i have my somewhat trusty yahoo translator hehe! you bidding?

  6. Sigh...I am drooling over these vintage pieces. They are amazing. Thanks for sharing. And that comb!!!

  7. cool comb bag!!


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