Sunday, 3 May 2009

halfway between the gutter and the stars

the weekend in a few keywords: lunch leicester square haircut toni & guys regent street marc by marc jacobs mount street selfridges 100th birthday alex waterloo no jubilee line yet again sex drugs rock and roll and a £2 roast chicken.

random twitter twatter:
- i saw domestic goddess nigella lawson outside scotts, AGAIN!! she must love that restaurant, as this is the third time i've seen her there! ok, i need to get some contacts to reserve a table there. if my who's who radar is correct, she was dining with hubby charles saatchi, owner of saatchi & saatchi contemporary art gallery in london.

- fellow blogger the recessionista, who is based in LA, was name checked by the guardian in the UK! this is not just any other print, but the thinking man's newspaper. truely blogging gone international.

- reader nigel stumbled upon a burberry warehouse sale and got himself the same burberry prorsum wool/silk mix cardigan. he saw it here, it's featured on the runway, it's on sale, it's his size, he screamed and he bought.

- me and my man clutch (or mlutch *shudders*) or portfolio got featured on jurrdot's post!

- reader chris also bought the bottega veneta sardegna coated canvas tote 2 weeks ago! he tried a couple of months ago but it was sold out, seems like they brought out more then. chris, i miss barron!

- it's a holiday on monday here in the UK! more sleeeeep!

have a great week ahead!


  1. Wow your photography blew me away. Excellent work!
    Aaaargh, you have a longer weekend than me. Enjoy your Monday!

  2. thanks fm! :D
    we love l00o00ng weekends!

  3. Mate if you don't get interest in your skills at analysing the financial ins and outs of luxury houses then surely your photography will, hehe!

    Also, to hell with the Jubilee line as well! I've spent way too long on buses this weekend!

    Re: the Burberry outlet, damn I wish I had of thought of going out to Hackney to cop a cardigan before dropping into Harrod's... £100 vs. £350 would sure suit me!

    Long weekend, woo hoOOoOO!

  4. 0000, Enjoy the Bank Holiday for me :) If I come to the UK, am taking you to Scott for Lunch! We can Oggle Nigella :)
    Luv, The Recessionista

  5. PS--you're photos are AMAZING. What a creative eye--love the bow tie dangling off the leaf.

  6. Lovely pics and work...Made me feel like going back to London...


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