Tuesday, 19 May 2009

inspiration or imitation?

officine creative casual oxford shoes, £160.

burberry prorsum patent leather toe caps oxfords, £275

& why does it cost so much for an "obviously-inspired" pair of shoes??

& i am waiting for the burberry prorsum pair to go on sale, if there are any sizes left. please don't fight with me... please


  1. Actually, I don't know who produces for Burberry, but they are obviously the very same pair. Officine Creative is serious business, italian handcraftsmen specialized in shoes since decades. If I were you, I'd go for the OC...

  2. if you follow the link, you'll find that the soles for the OC pair is different to the burberry pair. OC has rubber soles and burberry leather i believe.

    i don't think OC manufactures shoes for burberry. i got an email from them this morning, they find it atrocious too..

    the close up pic of the OC shoes doesn't look too good to be honest. i am leaning towards the burberry pair..

  3. The burberry ones are so much better

    It seems that OC in brown don't have patent leather bits

  4. I love them both the same. Though I usually go for black shoes

  5. Yeah it looks like a blatant rip off, but if I'm honest they both look great. £160 is definitely a lot cheaper but not cheap enough hah.

  6. My mistake for Burberry's, I thought soles were rubber too (only saw them on the runway...). Asos does crazy sales as you may know : if you can't get Bailey's, at least you'll have almost the same for a fraction of the price

  7. I was thinking about buying those! However, that was before I saw these, from the YSL S/S 09, imo the perfect shoe, and bought them instead:


    Then I also bought a pair of NDC deck shoes, and I might buy a third new pair for summer when sales start, the Burberry is still very cute but I'm not sure it's timeless enough for my taste.

  8. zoonic: the burberry pair is a timeless oxford style lace ups, the patent toe caps and lace area spruces it up. i am so waiting for the sale to commence!

    don't fight with me ok!

  9. Do you know how long the Burberry Prorsum ONLINE - SALE will last - and if there will be more reductions (the shoes are still at the same price;(( )???
    TELL US !

  10. anon: i believe the burberry pair arrived late in season hence wasn't reduced in this sale. if there are any stocks left it should be in the next sale.

  11. Ahh...
    And do you know how long this Burberry Prorsum ONLINE - SALE will last?
    Also the whole august?

  12. ахуенные тапки!!! купил се чёрные и очень рад


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