Sunday, 10 May 2009

it's a birkin, it's a kelly, it's a... (round 2)

about 2 weeks ago i blogged about the keratase competition where a winner will win the coveted hermès kelly bag, but they mistakenly placed the picture of a birkin instead:

seems like they've changed the picture on their site!

any publicity is good publicity?

other random notes:
- kanye west blogged about the upcoming balenciaga men's fall winter 2009 collection, and referenced back to my site! my mini association with mr west heh!

- i read from somewhere that auction fees and french sales tax for the vintage hermès lot amounts to about 27.5% of final auction value. and then there's also shipping costs to consider. i only realised this after i placed my bids!

- the £110,000,000.00 euro lottery draw took place last friday, and there was 1 winner, who bought the ticket from madrid. 1 winner! and the winner hasn't come forward yet! well, i won... £19.60 after spending £6 on four tickets. heh i'm a winner too!

oh well, happy happy joy joy!


what's he wearing?