Tuesday, 5 May 2009

looking forward: casely-hayford autumn winter 2009/2010

another sneak peak at what's coming over the next season. joe and charlie casely-hayford are a father & son design duo who focuses on themes of english sartorialism and british anarchy.

their theme for autumn winter 2009 is the poetic "cracks in the glass ceiling", a metaphor which refers to today’s cultural mobility and the way many long established borders are gradually dissipating, hence the fusion of formal sartorial clothing and functional work/sportswear.

really exemplary tailoring, and i am loving the color palettes. i will definitely go have a look see at dover street market when the collection hit stores around july.

i am really looking forward to winter 2009!



  1. Wow really nice stuff. I had not heard of them before, so thanks for the introduction.

    I had a look at their site. Some of the jackets look very Balenciaga-esque. Nice!

  2. i love their silhouette, i think you find the resemblance to balenciaga because of the emphasis on shape and precise tailoring.

    fall 2009 is looking so promising!

  3. reminds me of dior homme fall 2006

  4. that little blue pocket square is ADORABLE...

  5. im not so much into the last suit

  6. This is not the clothes that i can follow in a store. :(((


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