Thursday, 7 May 2009

looking forward: sergio rossi x puma men's autumn winter 2009

we've seen puma collaborated with stella mccartney, alexander mcqueen, sergio rossi and the upcoming f/w 2009 collection for YSL. ever wondered why? well, they all fall under the PPR group of companies so it's only natural that they explore synergies and keep things exciting within the group.

sergio rossi collaborated with puma on their women's collections for spring 2009. come autumn winter 2009, there will be a limited edition range for men! not a lot of people know that sergio rossi actually produces a small range of men's footwear every season as their stocklist is very limited. i am thinking it will be difficult to track these down come july 2009.

anyway, here's a sneak peek at what's coming up for sergio rossi x puma men's autumn winter 2009:

the designs were kept really clean and simple, and in four muted shades. to be honest, these aren't really ground breaking, but i think they are miles better than the YSL x puma collabs.

judging from the "looking forward" series i've posted, this is going to be a nice winter!


  1. yah, you're right not ground breaking, almost every brand has thier version of this kind of shoe, but they still look great.
    have you seen rossi's video called "Shoe Love" that's when i found out they had a men's range. i love that video!!

    i dont like the ysl either!

  2. wow, i like the white one with a higher ankle. what is it called? haha...anyway, i bet you know what i mean...hehe.

  3. still very boring to me...havent seen anything too great..mcqueen did alright but it was overpriced

  4. I actually don't mind these at all, but I don't really like the fact they're Pumas. The YSLs are hideous too...

    Meanwhile I am going to keep saving for my grails, a pair of patent Lanvins, hehe!

  5. Ay ay ay stop the Puma bashing now, I like the fact that high fashion labels actually collab with street labels, Im all for accesibility for the masses.Im happy they are Puma as Ive just landed a part time job with Puma in Manchester to fit around my studies.


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