Thursday, 14 May 2009

matthew williamson x H&M menswear

if you've been following my twitter twatter on the right, you would have known that i joined the masses of crazy women this morning, staking my claim at the matthew williamson for H&M pieces. man the women's shop floor was a war zone, i'm so glad they placed the menswear separately (for viktor & rolf's collaboration, they had mens and womenswear together at one place, i nearly died!)

anyway, i'm glad that i got all the pieces i want. it really is much more civilised at the menswear section. here's what i picked:

i wanted this jacket when preview pics came out. the fit is great, but i'm not sure why i am feeling a little bit trolly dolly at the moment. "chicken or beef sir?"

i also got the floral viscose scarf. very old school and comfy, i like!

i wasn't keen on the seersucker jacket when preview pics came out, and i still wasn't keen on it on the shop floor. so i placed this back.

both the navy and seersucker jackets had metallic buttons on the front and on the sleeves. here's a close up of the front button.

i also got the hooded sweatshirt. loving the psychedelic print.

the hood at the back and the elbow patches are covered with the neon graphic prints.

and i also bought the patent leather (or pvc i can't really tell!) sneakers. i was lazy to try so i picked up my usual size, but i think they cut it a little bigger than usual. if you're keen i suggest you take half a size down.

you can see the previous preview pics here.

a few points to note:
- they ran out of the larger carrier bags by about 11am, which is just appalling. they wanted to squeeze my jacket into one of the smaller bags.

- official shop opening hours is 10am, i got there by 9:45am and masses of people were already taking their pick in the shop.

- they did not stick to their usual rule to limit 6 pieces per customer in the fittting rooms. we had to queue for ages.

- the ladies were using the men's fitting rooms too, which annoy me no end.

- and i did not see the leather studded jacket nor the 3rd mosaic print blazer. not everything is released today?

anyway, i got what i wanted, so i'm happy. but just wish it could be better executed.


  1. I love the navy blazer and the floral scarf. to bad they are sold out :/

  2. Sweet, I was hoping you'd post up something about this today.

    I went for a stroll up Regent St to check out the scene at the Oxford Circus store before opening time and there was already a line around the corner, but mostly all women.

    The Regent Street store probably had a slightly longer line, again mostly women. This was around 10 to 9 I think from memory. Don't know what the situation was like at the other store on Oxford Street, but I'm sure it would have been similar.

    I went to the Regent Street store at around 1130 to see what still remained from the early morning and to finally have a close up look at the collection. Overall I am very impressed with everything really, although I could never see myself wearing about half of it. The fuschia jeans and black and multicoloured swimming briefs come to mind, hah hah.

  3. Benjamin: Are you sure you have checked every store in the area? There are at least 3 that I know of! I was in the Oxford Street store too at around 1400ish and there were plenty of the scarves, which may I add look great and feel like they're quite well made.

    Re: the leather jackets, I actually remember seeing the price card placed above a rack of blazers at the Regent St store for £179.99 I think it was and simply thinking they must have been the first things to go considering they would have been a hot item considering they're 100% leather. To be honest I never even saw what it looked like from all the previews I saw.

  4. I love the navy jacket - oh why did I leave London!!! Good buys.

  5. Great items Joe!I managed to grap some pieces too and i m not disappointed by the quality too(published them om my weblog).The third mosaic blazer is still available here but in my opinion a bit too shiny

  6. the blazer looks great on you! thanks to the global phenomenon that's h&m, we're twins!

    i liked the hoodie, but the small was too big on me. the seersucker was also a bit big and had to put it back like you did. the pixelated blazer was actually cute, it had the same cut as the navy blazer. the leather jacket is heavy it weighs a ton!

    you gotta love that scarf! and now you made me wanna try on the sneakers, too. :p

    congrats for getting the things you wanted!

  7. so so so so so so so so cute.

  8. Sorry Benjamin, I don't think I even realised you probably don't actually live in London as well! :s

  9. thanks guys :)

    benjamin/blakey: i was at the knightsbridge store, from past experiences it is the tamest store so i went there

    fm: are you wearing size 38 for the blazer? me too, and i wear size M for the hoodie, and S is too big for you?? grab the sneakers, let's be sole mates!

  10. Lovely stuff!!
    Kicking myself for forgetting about the release date hope there's some goodies in S still left tomorrow morning.
    Considering I live in Cardiff not London, it may as well happen that most of it is still on the rack!!! :)

  11. that hoodie looks so much better in that picture of you wearing it than on the shelf/lookbook. I may have to give it a twirl when I get around.

  12. ooo that second jacket i want so bad!

  13. Love it all - surprisingly, the H&M in San Francisco, CA (USA) was fully stocked and not really busy when I went in today. I picked up the seersucker blazer and the scarf. I figured the blue blazer would be a bit "iconic" and would be the thing that everyone would want, so I went opposite - the fit of the Size 38 was pretty good for me.

    In any case, for those in the Bay Area - H&M Union Square is where its at!

  14. Didnt see the leather jacket either. Was really waiting for that one!!

  15. hmm, both the jacket/blazer doesn't look that appealing. the hoodie is lovely thou. and that scarf. nice.

  16. I wear size 48, I don't know if that corresponds to UK 38.
    Sole mates - I like that, very clever. :)

  17. I wear a 48 and the UK 38 was a perfect fit for me. I got the jacket and the matching pants, but I don't think I will ever wear them as a suit. The pants fit great, but run quite small.


  18. looks better than on the preview pics i'd say, esp the hoody, i'm kind of surprised too. yeah i've seen a few of he leather jackets on ebay already for £500! as if!

    h and m said the stock with be replenished but we will see, id like that scarf if i can get my hands on it too. i'm off for manchester next week to check it out, how much was it?

  19. mat ahoy: the scarf's £19.99

    i wanted to try the leather jacket but i couldn't see any :(

  20. Manchester Trafford Centre had loads of blazers hoodys and scarves left (Im not sure after the weekend what will be left)

    I had a peek yesterday afernoon after missing out on the womenswear stuff that I wanted. I poped into H&M manchester city centre at lunchtime and found 2 silk dresses that I originally wanted in my size which had just been returned so Im a very happy girl.

    Keep your eyes peeled for returns in the next few days especially around lunchtime and you may be able to pick up what you want then.

    Good luck

  21. I got the short sleeve shirt version of the scarf you got. Love the print. Totally agree with you on the Striped blazer, tried it on, felt like I was captain of the love boat. Really, really wanted those pixelated print shorts, but they didn't stock them in my store :(

  22. The leather jackets were in stock on Friday at all the city stores. Waay too many studs for my liking! It's very "rock" though, hah hah!

  23. Was not feeling the navy suit as much as I would have liked. There was no hoodie near me, but I fell in love with the pink denim. I was very surprised. Pay week can not come soon enough for me.

  24. All stuff is wonderful and i like all specially Grey coat.

  25. Joe, not sure what you mean by "trolly dolly"? I bought the same jacket! A friend thinks it might be too airline hostess like. Black would be amazing, I don't wear that much blue. Debating whether I should keep this . . .

    Btw, big fan of your site. I've been following your blog for a month now. So far I've purchased the mens Bottega Veneta ash tote (on your blog I discovered it was treated canvas), and the H&M Matthew Williamson blue blazer (48 too!).

  26. There was a great cover story article about Matthew Williamson in Friday's ES magazine, which came free with Friday's Evening Standard newspaper.

    If you live in London and still want to track it down try asking a vendor on the street if they have any left over.

  27. Love that hooded sweater.

    I wish we have h&M here.

  28. I think I'm about your height.
    I see the hooded sweater available on ebay. Which size did you buy?


  29. dn: i am 6ft tall, and i wear size M for the hooded sweater. if you're based in london, i saw heaps of that sweater at the westfields branch!

    hope you can find one :)

  30. it's not fair.
    we dont have this items by MW.
    but i would kill for the blue jacket, the scarf and the shoes.

  31. you interested in selling that psychedelic matthew williamson hoodie? let me know.


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