Monday, 11 May 2009

muted stated of mind

i really shouldn't be spending frivoulous money now as i am saving for something big, but the mid season sales are s00o00 tempting! free shipping too (well for london it's free!). a little window shopping does no harm right?

maison martin margiela sneakers, reduced to GBP98
. my size! 00o00h i always wanted a pair of margiela sneakers...

opening ceremony brown suede and ivory colored leather ankle boots, reduced to.... GBP39
!!! sizes 7 to 11 all available *screams*. the very smart and practical thing is that there's a zip at the rear! this is just an amazingly fun pair of shoes, if i am feeling brave i will wear it over my jeans, else i will wear it with trousers over the shoe, with the brown suede peeking out when i'm sitting down.

according to their website, their leather shoes generally retail from US$340 and upwards.

fun & frivolous & an all leather shoe. i bought it!!

if you think opening ceremony sounds familiar, that's because they just collaborated with uniqlo on those lust worthy shirts!

versace cotton and silk crewneck, GBP89
. yes, it's mainline versace, with the lovely silk contrast collar details. the muted shades remind me of lanvin's knitwear, and at GBP89 i am very very tempted... my size too dammit! *wails*

YSL rive gauche large "downtown" bag, reduced to GBP485
. for the metro and omnisexuals out there, i think the material and color combination makes it a rather masculine and versatile choice. measurements are depth: 9.8", height: 12.9", length of strap: 19.9", width: 15.2". it is quite a reduction in price, but i really shouldn't be frivolous...

click on pics for more info if you're interested.

hmm, i just realised i chose mostly muted shades. hmm muted state of mind.

anyway, new shoes, yay!


  1. id pass on the versace, it's nothing special. but ouuu the ysl bag is soooo tempting.

  2. i find the versace crewneck to be really luxurious. it's simple yet not too simple. it's very rare for versace not to overdo things and details. and the price point is a huge plus.

    OOooh i am tempted again

  3. i want the margiela and the ysl

  4. this bag is so pretty!!

    great blog!

  5. How much do you get the watch for?
    For once I thought its the dior black time. Have you seen that before? : )

    by the way, do you mind me asking what do you do for living?

  6. GET the crewneck top! it's lovely! and the opening ceremony ankle boots is fun - pair it with shorts/berms (no cargo pants pls) would love a pair! but again, how do i get one in sin? i love the versace crewneck thou. sigh.

  7. I have those Margiela sneakers! I always get compliments on them. Did you notice that the stripes go one direction on the "exterior" part of the shoe design and the opposite direction on the "interior" part? Subtle sophistication indeed.

  8. excellent, excellent choices. i'm a shoe freak. am not a guy; i always wish i could wear men's shoes. love that ysl bag.

    i found your blog when i googled for hermes.

  9. Gorgeous shoes! Love love love the OC pair.

  10. hey, i saw two same YSL bags in ebay ( Alternative for your readers :)

  11. I choked on my coffee over the comment above mine.


  12. So,

    What are you saving for?

    Can you believe what double faced calf leather costs round at Bottega?


  13. It's hard to not spend this week in London...

    20% in most stores on Carnaby Street on Thursday night between 5-9pm and Matthew Williamson for H&M dropping on that same day!

  14. has anyone here used this seller? legit?

  15. m: i work in finance :)

    luxuryobsessed: are the margiela sneakers comfortable? i think they are actually german military sneakers but remodelled?

    blakey: 20% off at carnaby street?? do i need to download or print anything?

  16. hi Tom, haven't tried 'Threedifferent', but base on the feeback, his/her items sounded safe.

  17. whats this big thing your saving for? come on spill the beans im on edge, lol.

  18. Paul Smith has been doing those mainline grandad tops forever, and better... nice bag though!

  19. For the 20% this evening you need to print off the voucher on

    Sorry if it's too late for you!

  20. I know this is a super old post but those Martin Margiela trainers at the top are so cool! Nice for smart-casual dressing and perfect for posh dinners!

  21. Oh and I meant to add... did you see the horrible DHL ones which I don't expect anybody would actually buy but which were quite cool as a concept? Lucky you if they were incorporated into the DHL uniform and you worked there!


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