Monday, 11 May 2009

paupervoile strasbourg birds foulard

i was randomly surfing, and came across this handmade scarf by a guy in portland, oregon. it's just totally mesmerizing, worthy as a piece of art to be framed up and admired. the artisan is jason kinney, designing under the name of "paupervoile", and one can see all his other creations here.

strasbourg birds foulard. woodblock print on 70% cotton / 30% silk voile (lightweight sheer fabric). medium blue fabric ink on white fabric, with red hand-painted swiss cross; dark blue rolled hem stitch. approx 47" x 51". hand printed and made in portland, oregon on imported material. US$160, shipping of about US$18 to most places outside north america.

there is only 1 piece left SOLD!.

i really really applaud his efforts. i hope great things happen for him.



what's he wearing?