Wednesday, 27 May 2009

staying alive in 85

i'm not usually a fan of slogan t-shirts, but we are really going through disturbing times. you can click on pic above to purchase the katherine hamnett t-shirts, or to find out more about her campaign to end nuclear usuage.

mmm other bits of hopefully more uplifting random twitter twatter:
- my order for the emma hope python leather sneakers did not go through, they were out of stock. grrrrrrrr

- my humble and amateurish analysis of LVMH's first quarter's financial results were picked up by britain's telegraph! ok from their web blog section, but telegraph no less! the telegraph!

- i received a very nice care package from travertine spa. there will be a giveaway on here soon!


  1. Christopher & Baron27 May 2009 at 02:28

    Congratulations on being recognised by the Telegraph !!!
    Sorry about the Trainers though, I'm sure something even better will come through over the next few weeks. I'm trying to be really good and save for my holiday. I passed on the Burberry watch- as nice as it was it was very cumbersome to put on and take off so I'll just save the money to put towards my Cape Cod. Baron was away all weekend at my boss' house in the country - man I missed him, He is flopped out on the settee as he is completely exhausted. I'm making home-made pasta (noodles & sauce !!) so I'm sure he'll come round when the dinner hits the table.

  2. i miss baron! he looks so comfy on the settee!!

    i need some of that homemade pasta!

  3. I have made the perfect anti-noocular tee. Click on my name

  4. ah thats great news about the telegraphy, see your work is paying off.

    ohh i do like a giveaway


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