Thursday, 21 May 2009

a tale of two cities

i've been looking for a summer hat for a while now, but none seems to quite tick all my boxes. i tried the below marc jacobs "specials" panama hat last weekend, whilst the price at US$34 was frivolous, i didn't like it as the outer ring (or what do you call it?!) was too big, making me look cow-boyish.

then i saw the below marc jacobs "specials" panama hat, which is just perfect in terms of material, size, color, everything. but it retails for US$225, as it is handmade in nyc.

oh panama you are indeed frivolous.

my hunt continues.



  1. oh wow i like the white one!!
    and i've been looking for a summer hat too!

  2. I love the second one and the word you are searching for is "brim".

    I think you'll score the second MJ hat on sale.

  3. You should look at Still Life's website ( I love their stuff. It's where I go for all my hat desires. They have a great selection.

  4. i think of johnny depp's panama hat he wore he once upon a time in mexico, that was pretty much perfect.
    i think the outer rim is called the brim. ive seen these hats @ zara though, even check in the women's section.

  5. why spend so much when you choose all sorts of designs from Asos? Unless brand is the more important thing?

    Remember, cheap and cheerful does it.

  6. If you're after a smaller brim you're probably looking for a trilby rather than a panama.

    Anthony Peto the French milliner does so lovely summer hats - they are available in both Fenwicks on Bond Street or they have a couple of styles on Asos (which also has a very nice CDG straw hat at the moment) and come in at around £80-£90.

    I've just bought a couple of summer hats myself, this Paul Smith frayed edge linen trilby:

    and an eight piece linen Gatsby cap from Bates on Jermyn street which has a lovely large peak to keep the sun out out the eyes.

  7. I don't know if is on your regular trail, but the City M&S (Fenchurch and Bishopsgate corner)has a wall full of summer hats, from fishing, to straw, to panama.

    It took me by surprize, but it shouldn't. If I'm not shopping at the deep end, M&S is a favourite.


  8. luxuryobsessed: i think i might just wait for mj's sale!

    michael: you're the expert! i'll check out the paul smith ones. i don't mind spending a little bit more if it is classic and can last me for many summers ahead :)

    korok: that M&S is actually about 10mins away from my work place heh. i might drop by to have a look see, thanks :)


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