Thursday, 7 May 2009

V magazine 59 summer 2009

i love black and white photography. i love mario testino's photography. i love V magazine, which they gratuitously put online for all to see.

eva, garrett or charles?



  1. the first guy's abs look like moses parting the sea. le sigh.

  2. whoa. nice photos!

    m, haha. keen eyes huh?!?! haha.

  3. freshmess... all the more for you to reach the promised land haha

    No but seriously, Testino always delivers the goods. And so does V. I'd have to go with Eva though... she just looks like sex in this editorial (then again, when does she not?)

  4. testino is a master. beaut pics. but guys with shaved pits (that last guy) look creepy.

  5. anon: i think there might be follicles on his pits, maybe the pics are too grainy we can't tell. gosh this is an exciting topic, if charles devoe has shaved pits or not!


what's he wearing?