Saturday, 30 May 2009

valextra brown suede ankle boots

not a lot of people have heard of valextra, a luxury leather goods company from milan. their bags and accessories carry that distinctive architectural look with clean simple lines, without any branding on the exterior. little do i know that they produce shoes too:

it's a simple pair of suede ankle boots, but i always find that the simplest of things is also the most difficult to achieve and satisfy, as there is just little room to hide flaws. this gorgeous pair of shoes is in my size and available on ebay for US$495.

i cried so many nights, oh just unbreak my heart



  1. Valextra, unknown? Pfffff :-)

    495$'s a super price for a pair, you should get them

  2. I never knew Valextra made shoes? Thanks. Gorgeous.

  3. jerussi: valextra is for those in the know!

    LO: i seriously didn't know too! love the shoes!

  4. I have a pair of NIB size 42.5 Valextra men's boots in sandy brown--identical to those featured here, though lighter--that have never been worn. I will be happy to sell them for $350 (retail over $800). Please mail me at cercand0 at to find out more details. I will be happy to pay for the shipping.


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