Saturday, 23 May 2009

vintage hermès auction - results

the results of the "vintage hermès" auction which was held on wednesday by parisian auction house "artcurial" was published earlier today. i made a follow up call with them, and they confirmed that i was the highest bidder for the vintage jaeger lecoultre travel clock, as well as one of the hermès auction lots!

if only i could be there to preview all 766 items. i think i would have gone mental on the spot. these were the items where i bid on:

i really wanted this green leather briefcase. prior to the auction i emailed them for more details and measurements. they confirmed that item is like brand new and in excellent condition. i was, and still am very surprised that the auction estimate was €400 - €600. i placed my bid at €1,020 but it went under the hammer for €1,400, including fees and taxes the buyer would have paid €1,785. i am still in awe.

and then there's this cotton scarf/handkerchief item, auction estimate was €20 - €30. i placed my bid at €30 just to see how the whole auction process works, how they would get my credit card or bank details. it's a frivolous test bid for me, but it was sold to the highest bidder for €70, including fees final value was €89.

i also placed a bid on this amazing pair of john lobb "wallace". i've long wanted a pair of john lobb shoes, they sent me more pics of the shoes and it looked amazing and was in fantastic condition. the auction estimate was €300 - €400, i think these retailed for about €950+ brand new. i placed an embarrassing €320 bid for it, and it went under the hammer for.... €1,000. total price including fees came in at €1,275.

€1,275 for a pair of used john lobb shoes. i clearly still have a long way to go.

before looking at my successful bid, let's look at the items with the lowest and highest auction prices.

my friend called it the fingerless dish washing rubber gloves, hermès called it the fingerless mittens in yellow lamb leather. it sold for €38!

recession, where? this amazing red/rouge porosus crocodile leather 30cm birkin bag with palladium hardware had an auction guide price of €10,000 - €12,000. i don't know how long the waiting list would be for a brand new bag, but a certain recession proof someone obviously can't wait and decided to bid €24,000 for it. final price inclusive of fees and taxes was a whopping €30,279. truly exceptional. could the winning bidder possibly be victoria beckham, who arguably has one of the biggest hermes bags collection? small change for her i would think.

my humble winning lot?
it was love at first sight. the description reads "gold elephants buckle brass plated, with reversible black box calf leather and grained gold/brown calf leather belt. belt measures 85cm, size 70cm". i was and still am truly confused by the last bit. i did not ask for more pictures nor description but bid on it anyway. i figured belt length was ok and i could punch more holes if need be. i am also toying with the idea of getting a new reversible belt, hopefully in red box calf with brown grained leather to go with the lovely lovely buckle. auction estimate was €40 - €60, i was the highest bidder at €110 and i paid €140 including fees.

i am very pleased with my winning bid, not sure how i will be wearing the belt but i sure do love it. i much love and prefer the elephants buckle to their signature H buckle. i am praying that both my items will not let me down when i receive it!

vintage jaeger lecoultre and hermès items coming my way, i am a happy happy boy. & i am one step closer to realising my dream of attending and bidding at a live auction.

happy weekends!



  1. Congrats on the winning bids. I love the vintage jaeger lecoultre watch.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. congratulations!!
    i was think VB too, i guess we'll know when we see the pap pictures.

  3. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. I am in awe that you actually went through the entire process.

  4. The belt buckle is lovely... exciting post indeed!

  5. major congrats! i feel as excited and just as bummed as you do, haha. that green leathercase is really divine.

  6. Great belt! I forgot to bid. How sad.

  7. Congrats for winning those two items! The Hermes belt is exquisite!

  8. you are gay and a person of satan.
    you will go to hell.

  9. elephants do bring luck. congrats!

  10. Nice belt.

    Beats paying £400+ for a brand new Hermés belt.

  11. i can have the ring with my bid until 128 euros

  12. CONGRATS TO U OOOOO! You really do have THE most exquisite taster ever. That belt is to die for. Leave it to you to find something so very unique.
    Check out The Recessionista when you get a chance. I gave you link as someone who might like the new John Bartlett collection for Liz Clairborne.

    xxoo from Los Angeleze to London!

  13. I agree with everyone. The belt buck is absolutely exquisite. Congratz!

  14. Just came across this - I walk past the Lobb shop in London very often, and I could just stand a stare through the window for a very long time...!


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