Friday, 1 May 2009

vintage hermes auction

i almost did not want to publish this post, but maybe my good karma will score me some points. i love vintage, i love hermes. and when i heard there would be 766 vintage hermes items up for auction, i quite literally cummed in my pants.

all sorts of birkins, kellys, pouches, scarves, porcelain, shoes etc. the auction is curated by french auction house "artcurial" and will take place on 20th may at hôtel marcel dassault in paris. i also hate to tell you this: we can bid online.

now let's play friendly and stay away from below 9 items ok?

carré en coton, à décor d'ancres rouges sur fond blanc. no idea what that means, but their estimated auction price is Eur20 - 30. i want a piece of this action!

sac d'équitation en toile écrue et lanières en porc naturel. estimation Eur100 - 150

beauty case en toile et box écrue et marine de la gamme "Ulysse", dimensions; 30,5 x 25,5 x 16,5cm. estimation Eur300 - 400

sac "haut à courroies" en toile beige et box gold, fermeture en laiton doré, double poignée. bon état général ( sale et lanière de la clochette déchirée). no idea what that means but estimated at Eur1,000 - 1,500

serviette "Kelly" en veau grainé courchevel rouge, fermoir et attaches en laiton doré, poignée, clefs, cadenas (état moyen). ok i really have no idea what the description means. is that a standard bag, or is that a kelly briefcase?? estimation Eur600 - 800

sacoche en cuir courchevel vert sapin, fermoir plaqué or, poignée, clefs, excellent état. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PIECE I WANT IT SO MUCH!!! estimation Eur400 - 600!

seriously, let me have this please?

sac "Market" en toile et cuir box marine, accompagné de sa pochette assortie, double poignée, bandoulière avec accroches plaqués or. estimation Eur200 - 300

john lobb paire de "Wallace" en box gold, taille 8 1/2 E. avec embouchoirs en bois et pochons. estimation Eur300 - 400. my size!!

paire de boots "Jodhpur" en cuir marron, taille 45 (10,5 E). estimation Eur30 - 40! now who has size 45 feet??

view all 766 items here.

give me the strength!!!!!



  1. This is fantastic!! I am loving all of it. I wonder if they ship to the U.S...OK, I will stay away from the briefcase, but i'm not sure I will be able to sty below 9 items;)

    Great scoop!

  2. oops. I forgot to log out of my girlfriends computer. It's not Elizabeth, it's Philip;)

  3. are they freakin serious with those prices? the TPF women will jack em up into oblivion!

  4. The prices are astounding.

  5. it's ALL about the green portfolio.

  6. I love the Horsemanship bag with the "Hermes Sellier" letters and the black comb they are selling. Thanks for the info, and I wonder if they ship to Canada?

  7. shipping has to be separately arranged with the auction house, and estimated prices as just... estimates. from what i hear, actual prices transacted were actually much much highly. :(

  8. oh me likey! i doubt they'd go that low though. :-( goodluck with the green portfolio! :-)

  9. based from a few discussions at tPF, the prices of these can reach astronomical heights.

    yes, the red briefcase is a Kelly briefcase.

    good luck, joe.

  10. Hello,

    About all the description of Hermès item If you do need some translate into English, feel free to ask me. I am french ...


  11. excellent selection. best of luck J00o00e!!!

  12. about the HAC bag "bon état général ( sale et lanière de la clochette déchirée)" means "in good condition (dirty & clochette leather strap ripped)" ! hope that helps !

  13. the sac "haut à courroies" en toile beige et box gold is my ultimate dream!!!!


  15. going to paris from the 10-24th.. its meant to be.. ill stay away from 8 of the items, but if the hacs a 50cm which i think it is, im definitly going to bid on it.. thanks again for the link

  16. Hi,

    A friend of mine gave me four vintage Hermes knit/silk pieces to sell for her but I cannot locate the print name or determine what era they are from. I've been searching online for days and have come up blank. Do you have any suggestions that might help us out?

    Thanks so much.


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