Wednesday, 24 June 2009

at pringle's spring summer 2010 menswear presentation

one of my favourite male models, taylor fuchs, at the pringle spring summer 2010 menswear presentation. i thought i was tall, he really towers over me. of course i had to go over and say hello. i recognise him by the gap between his front teeth, very lara stone!

more pics to come later!


  1. haha!
    he's cute :] lol
    and i really like that shirt too

  2. -h/s_d: i took a few more pics of him too, and more pics from this collection. i love that shirt it looks amazing up close

  3. He really reminds me of ALi Stephens..The shirt really does look interesting. I love the white on white with the tie

  4. ... with Taylor wearing the shirt... I'm pretty much sold to this particular piece... shirt!


what's he wearing?