Saturday, 27 June 2009

balenciaga spring summer 2010 menswear

i love the blue coat, bib shirt, sand colored jacket, kimono collared shirt and bronze metallic leather sandals. i am going bankrupt in spring summer 2010.



  1. Hi,

    Good day. How are you? Hope you're doing gr8.

    I find your blog very interesting especially for MEN's fashion niche.

    I am wondering if we could have an exchange link? I believe that the readers of my blog would also enjoy your very informative site.

    I've already linked you on my blog. Hope you'll do the same.

    Thanks and more power to you!


  2. i can see why. the guy's a genius.

  3. I love the cut of the black blazer.

    In the future I will be able to afford Balenciaga.

  4. As much as I LOVE bags, Balenciaga bags don't excite me, HOWEVER, I must confess, I have a terrible weakness for their jackets!!

  5. The copper sandals are cool. But kinda Raf Simons. I am not exactly a fan of balenciaga menswear after Nicolas aligned the direction closer to the womens. It's editorially interesting, but not very wearable for most cases. I prefer his older collections...bring those back pleaseeee...nicolas!


what's he wearing?