Tuesday, 23 June 2009

burberry prorsum spring summer 2010 menswear show: more of my backstage pics!

more backstage pics that i took from burberry prorsum spring summer 2010 menswear show in milan:

one of my style heroes, jim moore, creative director at GQ, congratulating christopher bailey after the show. everyone is just in awe! i know i shouldn't say this at a burberry post, but jim looks amazing and he commands a presence.

everyone wants a piece of christopher!

i was told i can meet christopher and ask him 2 questions. when it was finally my turn, i got very star struck and totally embarrassed myself. rather than asking him about the inspiration for this collection (which i think he would have answered 15475341 times), i said i love the collection, congrats on the MBE (??!) and billion pound turnover (???!!), and then my voice went 2 octaves higher, "i love those boots, they were amazing, i need them!!". i wish the earth would just open up then and swallow me whole.

nah i'm not telling you what christopher's reply was.

which boots? these vintage chelsea boots in taupe:

which i spotted backstage and grabbed a few pics:

before i could think of ways to smuggle them out the guys had already packed them up. dang! i need to be quick next time!

ok i am joking.

but honestly, meeting christopher bailey is the biggest highlight of my trip. a big thank you to the guys at burberry for making this happen. big hugs to justin and miles we love you!

it's now 6am i desperately need sleep. coming up, like all good movies we have a prequel: pics before the show, as well as my analysis of the show!


  1. Lovely to meet you at Neil Barrett! Glad you had a fun trip. You'r now linked as a Buck with Style on buckstyle.com :-) x

  2. He has this silent charm and refined good looks, no? *sw00o00n!

    P.S. Hot boots!

  3. steve: thank you! hope you're enjoying rest of fashion week! speak soon!

    allan: lol thanks! i take that as compliment!

    fm: i got your book, thank you!!!! will post pics when all these madness is over!

  4. Oh man, one month away form your blog (shame on me) and now you're hanging backstage with Christofer Bailey.
    What happenend. :-)
    And i got one odd question. You said some time ago that you are wearing a 48 in Margiela jackets. I never tried any of their pieces but i wear a 46 in dior and lanvin blazers. Do you think a 46 in the Margiela nylon biker jacket (you know the MJ Thriller one) will fit me? Could you tell me your height?
    Thanks as always and keep up the good work.
    Best from Hamburg

  5. You're welcome Joe! Just a little something from one of the most expensive places in the world to another. :)

  6. i am extremely jealous with the fact that u were backstage! and did u touch those shoes? oh my


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