Wednesday, 24 June 2009

burberry prorsum spring summer 2010 menswear: pre-show

here are a few pics of what happened before the show started at 4pm on saturday 20th june:

the entrance of the show venue at corso venezia. burberry's latest f/w 09 campaign pic adorned the entrance, and we can see photographers queuing to get into the venue.

it was a very warm day, the pimms and champagne they were serving before the show went down a treat!

while waiting to get in, i met celeb blogger bryanboy! had a brief chat before we went into the show venue.

the place where it all happened. my seat is where the red bag is. it really is a very intimate venue.

the actual runway. now i can say i've stepped on the burberry runway!

the world's photographers getting ready and vying for the best spot in the house.

front row seats for love magazine's katie grand, and IHT's suzy menkes

suzy menkes!

and the formidable anna della russo.

more to come, including my encounter with the super chilled neil barrett, pre-show at trussardi, pics from versace etc etc!


  1. YOU RULE!!! Good for you OOoOO. I wish you would post some pics of yourself there.
    I would love to see you and see what you wore to the show.

    xx00, MH, The Recessionista

  2. k dude i've been religiously checking your blog for updates. as in on my iPod touch, on my BlackBerry bold, at work, at home, everywhere. hahaha i can't get ENOUGH of this backstage madness.

    jealous is an understatement.

    as if you havent heard this enough: CONGRATULATIONS u lucky bastard. hahaha jokes, but foreal, damn. haha just damn.

  3. I'm so proud of you, Joe! You're going places! Love it!

  4. Oooh so exciting to see the behind-the-scenes of a runway presentation! My head would spin. More more MAWR!!!

  5. May I know how did you get invited to attend fashion shows?

  6. thanks guys :D

    anon: i got invited because of this blog...

  7. Anna dello Russo in Dolce & Gabbana! ugh, I wish she were my mother. I would live in her closet.
    Congrats with your really desrve it!

  8. HT: thank you, means a lot to me :D

  9. that bryan boy is one lucky brat! so jealous that i hate him, hahaha :D kainis! :p


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