Sunday, 28 June 2009

cheap thrills

i wore my new shoes out yesterday. €14.99 from H&M in milan. i don't know what i'll do without H&M!

edit @ 13:14hrs: random twitter twatter:

- to those who wondered what noah answered when i asked him how it was like to walk down the versace runway in those speedos (ok technically speaking it's briefs/trunks), he replied via twitter to say "they fit great ;-)". we will all be wearing versace speedos come spring 2010!!!!

happy sundays


  1. your feet look small in those and you're a size 9. wow.

    optical illusion shoes. I like. haha

  2. allan: good camera angles maybe hehe

    wecouldgrowup2gether: i bought the green massimo dutti loafers yesterday!

  3. Just like the Matthew Williamson sneakers from H&M these are perfect for summer!

  4. Are those in suede? they look really nice.

  5. I heart that Lanvin t-shirt! The beadwork is amazing.

  6. Yay, finally spotted these in H&M here in London and I just had to get them!


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