Thursday, 11 June 2009

"gentleman's world" auction results

on tuesday, parisian auction house "artcurial" held an auction which was specially targeted at the guys, called "une histoire d’homme" which they translated as "gentleman's world". i was thrilled to find 499 pieces of well loved and cared-for items up for grabs. before looking at what i bid on, here are a few items i thought, was pretty interesting and noteworthy:

the utterly gorgeous and well travelled steamer bag had an auction estimate of €150 - €200. this is one of the first few models that louis vuitton introduced, originally intended to hold your laundry. the priviledged in those days travel via luxury cruise ships, and the handle was made that way so it can be hung on a door nob. totally heirloom and lounge room showpiece worthy, this well battled piece was sold to the highest bidder for €765 including fees and taxes.

as a tip for those interested: the buyer would have placed a winning bid of €600 for it. including 27.5% of fees and taxes (assuming european buyer), total payable came to €765. based on my experience, shipping and insurance around this price range would be in excess of €100 (to london). hence final amount payable could be in excess of €865. hence i would really suggest factoring in 50% extra into initial bid placed! i was well pleased when they offered to let a member of staff bring my previous winning lots to london, saving me the shipping & insurance!

the next item i drooled after, was this beautiful beautiful shoe trunk, which can hold up to 8 pairs of shoes! it really is a testament of how luxurious and a grand affair travelling was back in the golden era. it also exemplifies the rich history of vuitton and goyard, how they weathered the storms and be the houses they are today, still in demand from the private jetset. the shoe trunk had an estimate of €2,000 to €2,500, and was sold for €2,295. i wish i knew who AK was, he/she definitely travelled in style, and must have exquisite shoes to match!

this is such a collectors' and museum piece. i think this was a publication dating back to 1912, and was signed and illustrated by pierre falize. it was numbered 12 out of 150 copies. the 79cm publication had an estimate of €800 - €1,000, and was sold for €1,020. simply amazing.

every respectable fashion house seems to be modifying and designing bikes lately. this retro-ly stylish bike by italian fashion house trussardi had an auction estimate of €1,000 to €1,200, and was finally sold for €1,658. boys and their toys!

it's no fun watching and not joining in, so i placed bids on these items below!

i always believe timepieces should only be bought for significance. my dad's first proper watch was a rolex, and that made me really want to get one to follow in his footsteps. the above 3 watches were sold as separate auction lots, but all three were made in the year i was born, so that made it extra special for me. i know it's silly, but i pondered long and hard on the colors, and finally decided to have a go at the blue piece. did i have good or common taste? the blue rolex oyster fetched the highest price at €2,933, whereas the red and green sold for €2,805 and €2,040. needless to say i didn't get it, and my paltry bid is seriously too embarrassing for a mention.

this vintage gucci document holder / portfolio is so chic and frivolous i want it the minute i saw it! it was estimated at €50 - €80 but sold for €255. not to be mine, but still love it!

i also placed a bid on this utterly gorgeous goyard toiletries case, it's just box perfect! i think the estimate of €80 - €100 got me very excited, but it was sold for €408! goyard items sure does hold their value well.

i love Love LOVE the vuitton "sirius", so i was ecstatic to find one in this auction, in green taiga leather which would be very matchy matchy with my green taiga helanga! however it was in the travel size at 55cm, if it was 45cm i could use it for work daily, and i think i would have gone heavy on the bidding. it was sold for €893, which i thought was a tad pricey (considering i paid €650 for my travel sized helanga), but still cheaper than buying a full priced full leather luggage bag from vuitton now.

& finally (what a l00o00g post!) i really wanted this: 2 pairs of cufflinks from louis vuitton, with the green taiga leather case and described as in very good condition. i wear cufflinks to work on most days so this would be really practical. they were made to resemble the nails used in their signature trunks too. i narrowly missed out, and was sold to highest bidder for €191. still a great price i feel.

so ho hum, none won, but hey money intact! i thoroughly enjoyed going through the auction, and artcurial also sent a hardcopy auction catalogue so i am pleased.

love vintage, love auctions!



  1. At least you have scored two items in a previous auction and I am sure there will be another one coming up soon with lots of other interesting items.

    Can you delete my first comment?

  2. I was that close to going for the red Rolex too, for exactly the same reason as you, the dad bit and the year the watch was made, so yes, that makes us the same age ;)

  3. oh wow the shoe trunk, bike, Rolex, and Gucci document holder are some of my favorites of the pieces you mentioned. i especially liked the fact that they were, "well loved" as you mentioned. That just gives the pieces that much more significance, rather than just another something to have in your closet.

  4. nice selections. i would've gone for the green Rolex myself. if only... *le sigh*

  5. the goyard toiletries case, the gucci document holders are true gems. here's hoping they went to nice homes.

  6. I WANT all of it, and love the magazine! I mentioned you , with luv of course, in today's post. I was wondering if you saw Becks over at Selfridge's doing his Armani Undie gig but then I realized you were probably out collecting stuff like vintage LV!

    Luv, The Recessionista!

  7. you always chose the best.

  8. how cool are those relexs. shame you didnt win.


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