Saturday, 20 June 2009

hello & goodbye!

by the time this is posted, i should be on the 6:30am flight from london to milan. words cannot describe how excited i am about this trip. in fact, this is all i can think about for the past 2 weeks. there are several things lined up for this trip, i am beyond ecstatic about it but i don't want to count my eggs before they're hatched and start jinxing things. i hope to come back with lots of exclusive pictures and stories to share!

this is a big thing for me, it's been a lifelong dream to be able to attend the shows. milan is the dream factory where all the magic happens. it is a significant milestone, for a blogger, for a fashion outsider, and i am very thankful for it. please let everything go sm00o00thly!

i've been thinking about what to wear for the past 2 weeks (yea as if you won't!), and like all mere mortals, i realised i have nothing to wear, i have no shoes to match! but this is what i packed:

1. balenciaga blue striped shirt with B insignia on the front. 2. a rather prominent piece from prada's spring 2008 collection. i hope i don't get catty remarks like "ohmygod he's so last season!". it's rather warm in milan now so i hope this short sleeved shirt is a good back-up. 3. opening ceremony x uniqlo cream checked shirt. 4. burberry prorsum shirt and sweater 2 in 1. it's fuss free, and very me to be honest. 5. neil barrett blue striped shirt with tuxedo bib front, one of my favourites.

gosh i'm only going for three days!!! here's what i packed on the accessories front:

6. helmut lang dove grey travel wallet, courtesy of the nice people at INA NYC! it will be perfect! 7. marc jacobs bow ties. i plan to clip the ties to one of the shirts. might be too dressy but it's milan i wouldn't look out of place *i think*. 8. making it's maiden voyage is my previous year's birthday gift to myself: louis vuitton tobago keepall. this will serve as my day bag too. please, no rain! 9. balenciaga brown leather belt with B insignia buckle. 10. louis vuitton "plan" silk scarf. always travel with a scarf, it will come in handy.

10 key items for the 2010 shows. i really hope it all goes well. i'm back late monday night so see you guys later. thanks to all, and have a lovely weekend!



  1. ..............i am so jealous of

  2. have a safe and wonderful trip! see you at the Sartorialist ;-)

  3. Superb!!!!! So u'll see Bryanboy who is also in Milan! Enjoy and come back quickly!

  4. First milan, next world domination. Have a fun time j00o00e!!!

  5. cant't wait for your stories!

  6. fashion insiders can spot the newbies cause they always dress too hard. we all know the editors and stylists at milan f week resort to resort, ie: resort collection that are more often not hyped up in the press junkets. u should pack a lot of navy blue as it is next season's big color. and don't look as if you're trying too hard to impress.

  7. Congrats! I can't wait to see your pictures and hear your adventures.

    Have you ever visited Milan before?

  8. Wow! You are so lucky, How on earth did u get to be one of the lucky few that get to go?
    I hope u have a lovely time anyway, keep us posted!!

  9. enjoy!

    omg, you're getting places now. love it.

  10. Bring home lots of pics!'s a gret experience:-)


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