Wednesday, 17 June 2009

is that choo??

tamara mellon, president and founder of jimmy choo.

i've been looking forward to H&M announcing who their next collaboration would be with. i even have a shortlist of potential candidates in mind, but never did i think that they would be working with jimmy choo. to test the market before they decide to launch a full on assault, they will also be releasing a range of footwear, bags and accessories for men.

like all straight thinking folks, the first thing i did was to log into intranet at work and try to book a day's leave on nov 14th so i can go queue up! ironically, it's a saturday. H&M has on all previous designer collaborations, released the collections on a thursday. i can just imagine the sheer madness and mayhem that would be unleashed on that day when just about everyone else isn't working.

i am nonetheless excited about the news. i honestly think tamara mellon is one of the smartest business women around. & jimmy choo for men, bring it on! i can't wait to see pics from this collection!

jimmy choo x H&M women's collection


  1. well this ought to be interesting :]
    and the black cutout heel in the last photo is fucking ridiculous!

  2. I read that their will be men's stuff too... not just women.

  3. ^ You didn't read the blog post though did you? :-/

    Tamara Mellon is hot! She looks a little like Carla Bruni to me!

  4. I agree with Blakey Jimmy Choo definitely doesnt look like what I thought Jimmy choo would. I would have mistaken Tamara for a model had I not read this great post.


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