Thursday, 4 June 2009

la trois garcon

i love that pair over there...

1. topman black/burgundy/tan classic brogue shoe. £55
2. etro beige/orange/black leather brogues, £279
3. topman black patent/grey/navy classic brogue shoes, £55
4. moma leather brogues, £98

nah seriously, i love number one!


  1. 3 and 4 are reversed... 3 is Topman and 4 is moma. I love the Topman brogues.

    I love this blog btw.

  2. I love brogues. I wear them all the time. Paul Smith are my favorite.

    But, these Topman ones look amazing. I hope they have them here in NYC!

  3. on average how much are shoes from zara in US dollars? there's is a zara near my place of work and i have yet to check out their shoes but i spied a blue suede pair on your blog that i rather liked that read roughly $40? is that normal for their shoes?

  4. Topman in Singapore don't carry these gorgeous brogues... oh well...

  5. These are just awesome its looks cool i mad about it i want one pair of each.

  6. i find no. 4 awesome!
    love them ; )

    mi ji

  7. The 3 boys? But there's 4! ;-p


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