Sunday, 14 June 2009

life's certainly not a "drag" if i am travelling with this baby!

remember the vintage hermes auction curated by artcurial last month? i wasn't the only one around here to have bought something from there. reader and fellow blogger scarlet harlot saw my posts about the auction, and did some bidding herself!

she very kindly sent me the below pics, life's certainly not a "drag" if i am travelling with this baby!

she was actually by the phone following the live bidding. she wanted the 55cm hermes "drag" bag so much she made sure she's the highest bidder!

she also bought an exquisite ostrich skin hermes birkin, which i really cannot feature here for health reasons, it's been known to cause irregular heartbeats upon seeing it. she's the big time buyer, i feel so amateurish for just buying the belt now!

thank you for sharing, scarlet harlot!

happy sundays!



  1. This is stunning! Congrats again Scarlet Harlot!

  2. What a gorgeous classic! Congratulations Scarlet.

  3. gorgeous bag and it looks to be in perfect condition too.

  4. Oh wow, the Drag is gorgeous! Congrats to Scarlet!

  5. Thanks guys :)

    and 00o00, theres nothing amateurish at all about your purchases ;) thanks again, i feel really honoured! x

  6. Wow, absolutely gorgeous!

    Grats Scarlet.

  7. I luv that elephant belt,Joe.It s a great choice considering it was your first time at an auction

  8. it's truly the most gorgeous bag, ever. at least you got the belt ;)

    ooh i love that vintage travel clock.

  9. yes...wat a drag huh...if scarlet is tired/bored...she can let me drag it once a while ;)

  10. Scarlet im so envious! Its fantastic. If you ever want to sell it, let us know.


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