Thursday, 18 June 2009 summer sale

it's all happening now, sale Sale SALE! is currently reducing prices by up to 50% off!

one of the shoes i've wanted all year long: bottega veneta tri-colored boat shoes, now £178. but i need a 42half, i don't want to spend money on a 42 or 43 realising that it wouldn't fit well.

i also like this electric blue leather sandals from jil sander, now £128. MMmmmm ponder ponder

and i really really really like this pair of nude colored gucci suede loafers. they have size 9 available which is my usual size but for gucci i need to take one size down and they don't have size 8. it's now reduced to £148.

le sigh.


  1. the jil sander sandals are really looking like Hermès Izmir :

  2. Holy crap! Those Gucci loafers are waaay cheaper than what I got mine for. Unfair! Haha.

    I'm loving the Bottega boat shoes.

  3. So many goodies...but cannot buy...:-(

    My sale shopping budget has been! Why can't I find a sugar daddy?!?!?!?

    and Mark, I know that kind of sucked! But at least you got blue...which may not be available on the website!



  4. talk about unfair, i bought all three pairs i have full price. then again the ones on sale weren't my size. it would be a risk i wasn't going to take.

    mine are all size 9. they're great shoes, go for it Joe!

  5. OMG! I've been eyeing up those Jil Sander sandals for ages.

  6. @ dd - ouch!

    yes joe, go get 'em!

  7. robin: it does! i am waiting to see if the H pair will go on sale!

    fm/dd/kev: i really like that pair, but for gucci i need size 8 whereas for others am a 9. not the same case dd?

    michael: i think it's a good price, get it!


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