Monday, 1 June 2009

may recap

how time flies, we're now in june! the spring summer sales should be commencing this month in london, before i break the bank, here's a recap of how i boosted the economy for the past month:

the month started quiet and well, until 14th of may where the matthew williamson x H&M collaboration was released.

i bought the navy blazer with contrast piping and the floral scarf...

& the electric blue hoodie with contrasting elbow patches...

& the green patent leather sneakers...

& on the same day i bought the blue suede zara shoes too, which is surprisingly comfortable...

& because we can never have enough shoes i bought another pair - the opening ceremony 2 in 1 ankle boots!

& i also bought a paul smith reversible camel hair scarf from their sample sale last week. most of the good stuff were gone by the time i got there, but i did pick up this gorgeously soft and toasty scarf, for £15! it retailed for £75 originally and was reduced to £49 at their outlet which i almost bought. so when i saw it's reduced to £15 i had to get it despite us going into the summer now.

i also dabbled in 2 auctions curated by parisian auction house "artcurial", and bought the vintage 1930s jaeger lecoultre travelling clock with a lizard leather case, and...

i also bought a vintage hermes belt! however, i still have not received my items yet. more calling and emailing i guess...

and i nearly bought my fourth pair of shoes from emma hope but then they replied to say they were out of stock with the python sneakers.

so i was pretty disciplined for the first half of the month, and all hell broke lose from then on. in total, i spent... £729 on shopping!

here's hoping to a quieter month of june!

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  1. A great and varied haul for May! Scarf twins! And very soon shoe twins as well too!

  2. yes, hopefully soon!
    we will be shoe(s) twins too

    you'll get it when parcel arrives...

  3. "here's hoping to a quieter month of june!"
    it never ends, trust me!
    i like those zara shoes you ended up with.

  4. MW for H&M was definitely the highlight for my May! The hoodie and sneakers were a must for me!

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  6. That blazer is hot... and you can't go wrong with blue suede shoes

  7. What are the jeans and shoes in the first pic?

    Thanks a bunch! :)

  8. trent queen: it's diesel black gold denims, and paul smith sneakers :)

  9. thanks so much, are they called any particular names for the design of or style I wanna pick some up?

    T :)

  10. En esa foto con la casaca azul, ...Lindo trasero eh !..... =D


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