Sunday, 21 June 2009

milan update 1

yesterday was fantastic. arrived in milan around 11am, changed at the hotel and off i went! i...

- went to the burberry prorsum spring summer 2010 show. you should have seen pics by now. i honestly do think it's an amazing collection. seriously

- saw blogosphere celebrity bryanboy outside at the show and said hello

- went backstage after the show, spoke to christopher bailey *faints!*

- spoke somewhat unintelligible words to him and took a pic but i looked like a lollipop head with melting hair and greasy face *b00o00*

- went to the trussardi show, spoke to an amazing journalist who works for the times. she wanted to take my bag home!

- went for dinner organised by burberry, met quite a few interesting people

- shared a cab home with bryanboy

what a day! i even found time to go shopping, bought a pair of prada shoes at 50% off!

today looks sweltering hot argghh. tentatively watching 2 shows today which i am very very excited about! thanks to all the amazing people who made this happened.

am twittering as i go, so please check the side bar!

back monday night, be patient i have lots of pics on my camera!

ciao ciao!


  1. i'd wanna take your bag home too, lol. how was the sun there? :P

  2. can't wait for the full report!

  3. how was bryanboy like? did you tell him about your blog?

    hope he took a photo of you and then post it on his blog so we can finally see how you look like! lol jk!

  4. this is such a vicarious thrill for all of us left behind.

  5. So fun. Thanks for sharing. I am so envious.

  6. i was going to guess burberry! how exciting!

  7. Update us soon ya hear! Plus all the juicy bits please...

  8. Looking forward to seeing the photos, but I thought the Burberry collection was massively disappointing after the wonderful s/s 09 collection.


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