Wednesday, 24 June 2009

neil barrett spring summer 2010 menswear show

i am absolutely thrilled to be able to attend the neil barrett spring summer 2010 menswear show. videos from his past shows always looked amazing and sleek, so i was really looking forward to this show.

it really is difficult taking pics indoors under those lighting, i need those baz00o00ka attachments to my cam! here are a few pics i took during the show, not the best quality but hope one can feel the mood back then:

& you can just about make out mr barrett's face!

here are the professional pics, and the pieces that i really like:

i am loving these 2-tones patchwork jackets. i took pics of these backstage and it was absolutely stunning.

love the two tone jacket and hidden buttons. the jacket on the right is apparently inspired by wallpapers!

my absolute favourite piece: the cropped sleeve slightly balloon shaped white shirt. classics reinterpreted, i love it! and to the right the designer himself.

prior to the show i went backstage and said hello to him, he is such a super chilled guy. lots more pics to come later!


what's he wearing?