Thursday, 25 June 2009

neil barrett spring summer 2010 menswear: pre-show

some pics before the neil barrett spring summer 2010 menswear show on sunday 21st june:

press release about the collection...

i was really looking forward to this show, i wore my neil barrett shirt too!

entrance at the show, with not so happy looking security. because they have to work on a sunday?

i was given a quick tour backstage before the show, and i got to see the collection before it hit the runway! this is one of my favourite jackets, love the hidden buttons and 2 tone detailing.

loving this mac. i better start saving money now...

the wallpaper print inspired blazer!

the shoes from this collection...

a specie from outer space with his antennas, showing us why earthlings should aspire to go to outer space. i think you get which one i'm on about...

models relaxing pre-show...

more prep...

and more prep...

the very calm and collected neil barrett prior to his menswear show. my efforts to wear his shirt to the show paid off, as he recognised it straight away and it was a great conversation starter. we had a good few minutes chat, and i can't believe how chilled out he is prior to the show, must be a sign that he is confident and happy with the collection. he is very friendly in person too which is a plus.

many thanks to the amazing clare for arranging the meet and greet. & you should see her blue rupert sanderson shoes, it's beyond fierce!


  1. wow!im jealous with you!!fantastic post!

  2. love this collection. what shoes did you wear with this outfit? the shirt and jeans go with the red bag perfectly.

  3. TTFT: thanks hehe! i wore the paul smith sneakers throughout. you can see that pic in the burberry posts...

  4. nice backstage pics! i wonder when i will ever get the chance to be in one! haha.

  5. He seems like a cool guy indeed. I remember seeing him the first time on some fashion tv-show almost a decade ago. Love the clothes too, clean and slim-fitted usually, looks good on me.

    I wanted the Neil Barrett buffalo skin bag they are selling on (on sale now), but my budget is limited and I instead spent it on a cape from the Kris Van Assche FW09/10 collection. People may not understand it, but I wanted a cape since I was 6 years old and I consider myself one of the people who can wear one convincingly, because it's really me. So, no bag for me, at least not at the moment. It would look awesome with just a plain white shirt with rolled up sleeves and a pair of sunglasses, really powerful bag.


what's he wearing?