Tuesday, 16 June 2009

ode to mr bailey

.: christopher bailey MBE, creative director at burberry :.

every year around the queen's birthday, a list would be announced which honours individuals for their achievements for which is outstanding in their field. christopher bailey was awarded the MBE (member of the order of the british empire) for his service to the fashion industry. this is one of the highest accolades given, and i can only think of a small handful of other individuals who were also awarded this honour within the retail industry.

no doubt there are many talented designers around, but few manage to balance the need for creativity with strong business acumen, and even fewer who can inspire above all that. search around and you'll find that so little is known about christopher as he rarely gives interviews. i don't know how i can know so little about him, yet he can still be such an inspiration.

christopher joined burberry in 2001, in what must be described as the most difficult period ever for the retail industry. there was the beginning of the war on terror, the markets slumped, there was the currency crisis, there was the unfortunate association of their house checks with a certain british soap star. what was truly inspirational, was the amazing partnership of then CEO rose marie bravo with young christopher. they managed to turn what was destined to be a dowdy raincoat manufacturer, to a much celebrated british label. besides being the darling of most fashion press, the numbers also speak for themselves: they reported a 21% increase in sales to £1.2billion for year ended 31st march, again in what was described as a difficult year for retail, especially luxury.

we've seen cases of management and creative directorship mismatch, think jil sander and helmut lang under prada, alessandra franchetti at valentino, olivier theysken at nina ricci, and the latest, esteban cortazar at ungaro. hence i really admire christopher's strength and resilience. he's one of the rare few that really inspires, and i feel the MBE honour is definitely well deserved. i really hope i get to meet him one day.

he must be busy with the spring summer 2010 menswear show, which will take place this saturday. i sincerely wish him all the very best.

& as if it is by sheer coincidence, today i received my parcel which i ordered from the burberry online shop!

it came in a conspicuous blue waterproof bag...

then comes the sturdy brown box...

with the delightful burberry carrier! who said online shopping packaging is boring?!

and another box!

and the 00o00h so luxurious mustard colored jumper! i'm so glad it fits snugly! one thing though: the website states it's a mixture of cotton, wool and silk, but actual label reads cotton and polyester, which i think is a more accurate representation. but the important thing is, it fits perfectly, it's gorgeous, it's on sale!

the pre-sale is still on at their website, click here for the special link to the sale site!

happy days. nothing beats receiving parcels on a monday to get you through the week!


  1. If you don't mind me asking, What size did you purchase?
    Is it a fitted style?
    I was informed Bruberry Prorsum Collections were more fitted than there regular sizes?

  2. i bought size m, it is fitted, but material is rather stretchy so can be stretched slightly

    i suggest buying your regular size, should work

  3. many thanks, you definitely have to take some snaps for us all!
    looking forward to seeing them soon!

  4. Congrats~ I like the low neckline...perfect for showing off some chest:-P

  5. modeling shots!

  6. Yeah! Post some modelling pics, J!

  7. Come on, outfit!

  8. Hi!
    Have you already made some pictures of it - worn?
    Pleae do so!
    Would like to know if i should buy 2 of it... ;)))


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