Saturday, 13 June 2009

ralph lauren time pieces

when i first heard that ralph lauren is going to come out with a range of time pieces, i assumed that it's going to be another overpriced range of quartz fashion watches. how wrong was i! i saw the below arresting images, and quite literally my heart skipped a few beats.

ralph lauren collaborated with the richemont group (3rd largest fashion conglomerate after LVMH and the PPR group, home to cartier, montblanc, van cleef & arpels etc) and produced these stunning time pieces (i'm not even going to call them watches!). the above is from the "slim classique" collection, one of my favourites, designed by ralph lauren and movement by piaget. the suggested retail price is around £10,400. utterly utterly stunning.

top pic from the above "sporting" collection, ralph lauren worked with IWC to create the stainless steel watch with brown alligator strap. the watch also uses parts made by one of my favourite watch maker, breguet.

the second pic is the "world time model", featuring 18k rose gold case on black alligator strap. legendary watch maker jaeger lecoultre produced the movement.

next comes the "stirrup" collection. the top pic is the large chronograph model while the bottom pic is in medium. both comes in 18k rose gold casing and black /brown alligator straps, with movement by jaeger lecoultre. the medium model retails from £11,100.

i think this is a perfect partnership. although priced way out of mere mortals' reach, these are stuff dreams are made of.

i heart.



  1. I did not expect something of this level either. The first model is perfection, and the stirrup model is inventive without being too gimmicky.

  2. i quite like the Stirrups, looks very Cartier. but for those prices, i think id rather get Cartier or JLC.

  3. i just saw these in Town & Country. They are indeed beautiful. But like deluxeduck, I wonder if a potential buyer would think that for those prices they could get something else.

  4. The design are unique but I'm dizzy with the prices.

  5. I like these design of Ralph Lauren watches. Simple and yet very elegant. It's worth having a piece of it on your accessories collection.


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