Wednesday, 17 June 2009

sale Sale SALE!

we are approaching the summer sales season, most shops should be starting their sales this or next week. one of my favourite online store is now offering 40% off most spring summer items! click here for sale site!

i have the amazing ability to suss out shoes. i went through the site twice, and still i picked out mostly shoes. click on pics for more info...

prada suede slip-ons. i really wanted this pair but they don't have my size anymore. it's now £120.

martin margiela leather and suede hi-tops, my size available, now reduced to £98!!!! yes, i really did leave my wallet in the office, desperate measures! someone buy it quick get it off my radar!

gucci brown tasseled loafers
, half a size too big for me, but now £132!

raf by raf simons black canvas sneakers
, totally frivolous at £39 and most sizes available!

one of my favourites: emma hope silver python leather and suede sneakers, now reduced to £89! most sizes available too. i much preferred my original option but too bad they don't have it in my size.

and finally non shoes! i love the color of this jacket, simple yet stylish.
this is from dolce & gabbana (mainline, and not the watered-down D&G version), in gorgeous lamb's leather and reduced to £435, which i think is exceptional. i doubt we can get it at this price in their shops.

too many sales, too little time!


  1. that nude jacket is tdf. your radar picks up the coolest stuff. i hope your method works. lol.

  2. I love the Prada shoes... I checked, they only got size 7 left!

  3. tom tuttle: i love that nude jacket, i am looking for something similar to that

    bb: so very sad! who's size 7??

  4. The Prada pair is nice! Thanks for the scoop!

  5. It doesn't appear on the Norwegian site. Eeek.

  6. the Prada loafers are just like the red ones i got last month. shame our size is gone =(

    i've got those Gucci bamboo tassel lafers. a half size up won't hurt ;-)

  7. use the code green@yoox when you checkout and get another 5% off!

  8. Haha... I know it's not much. But the 5% extra is its worth using :D

    I just bought two pairs of Raf sneakers. Im only buying cheap stuff this summer (that's the plan haha)

  9. Prada, prada, prada, prada, prada.
    Gucci, gucci, gucci, gucci, gucci.
    I faint, it's too beautiful for my eyes.


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