Monday, 29 June 2009

sale time shopping

retailers are slashing prices of their spring summer stocks fast and furious now to make way for the new autumn winter collections which should hit stores in july. i went to one of my favourite stores, harvey nichols, to have a look see...

i bought the lanvin beaded tee, which was reduced by 50%, and a further 10% off being the first 4 days of sales. even after reductions, i still think it is rather expensive for a t-shirt but i really like the detailing. this is my first piece of lanvin.

the t-shirt was featured on the lanvin spring summer 2009 show too. i love the layering, i would probably wear it like that too. dazed and confused menswear fashion editor robbie spencer has one in red too, i like.

i really like this lanvin pleated white shirt (though it will be a nightmare to iron!) but it is one size too big for me, so i put it back.

the shirt was also featured on the spring summer 2009 show, with the green beaded tee.

i also bought the dries van noten short sleeved cotton/linen shirt.

a similar long sleeved version was featured on the dries van noten spring summer 2009 show, modeled by clement chabernaud no less!

i then left harvey nichols, went to massimo dutti around the corner to see if that pair of shoes i've always wanted is on sale or not. of course it is, and it's the last pair! new yorker extraordinaire wecouldgrowuptogether also has a pair.

then i headed to harrods for their first day of sales, and rather impulsively bought a beige heavy cotton military jacket from gucci's cruise 2009 collection. it was reduced by 50% and i couldn't resist, despite that i have a very similar looking jacket from their fall winter 2007 series.

there were 2 jackets to choose from too, but i chose the one on the left as the collar on the right really bothers me.

and if miss poly will shift slightly to the right we could have a good view of the jacket as it appears on the gucci spring summer 2009 campaign.

ahh bliss, it's tin soups and baked beans for the next 3 months then.

& also it must be mentioned, that the service at gucci's menswear concession at harrods is beyond appalling. i could say a lot worse really.



  1. some great buys here, i have to say the shoes are my fav. such a rich colour.

  2. how much are the dutti loafers?

  3. Love your loot Joe, especially the Lanvin tee. It becomes you...

  4. Love the Lanvin tee and the Gucci jacket!

  5. the pleated HAWT!

  6. gotta love the dries shirt, gucci jacket and massimo shoes. well done, joe.

  7. mat ahoy / allan: thanks :D

    floo: i think it's about £45

    bb/eclair: i love the lanvin tee! it's exquisite really!

    anon: yea i like that shirt but it's too big

    fm: thanks! send me some baked beans and cup a soup from oslo will you hehe

  8. that pleated shirt and beaded detail in the tee are amazing!

  9. i really like the lanvin tee. and gorgeous shoes too!
    about bad customer service i realized something about a yr or so ago, i work way too hard for my money to give it to a-holes.

  10. Hi, do you know Burberry Prosum PATENT TOE LACE-UPS have already on sale now?

  11. the lanvin beaded tee is nice
    but dun u think it is so baggy on you?
    love the massimo mocassins.almost got it but no more of my size. haiz.

  12. p76: according to the description, it's called "oversized tee" so i guess it's meant to be like that. i got a size medium which is my usual size...

  13. i have the same Lanvin t in black. Got it when it first came out early January after seeing Mika wearing the version that you had bought in a paparazzi pic. I hope you don't bump into Mika in the same t! lol

    Also, I agree about the menswear Gucci staff at Harrods. They should be sacked. Very rude and non chalant attitudes. I was there 2 days before the sale and had asked about a leopard print sweater from the fall collection and was told that Gucci does not make such a thing! Angry moi then reached out for their look book and flicked open the the exact page where it was and the dim and bemused and rude ass said oh, "even if we have it it won't be on sale". I said who cares? and vowed never to buy from them and instead bought a ysl shirt next door.

  14. how much is the Gucci jacket after your 50% discount???

  15. That Lanvin T is amazing!

  16. Hey, hey, hey!!!
    How much is the LANVIN shirt ???

  17. anon: it's about £130 after sales...

  18. Where to get?

  19. anon: the lanvin and dries van noten stuff is from harvey nichols, shoes from massimo dutti shops, gucci jacket from harrods

  20. the lanvin pleated white shirt has finally arrived at H&M Trend (in white & in dark purple), but with collar... I got the white immediately.

  21. I couldn't agree more, harrods gucci worst service EVER!


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