Monday, 8 June 2009

thank you INA NYC!!

thanks for all the well wishes over the weekend, i am however still feeling a little bit weak. it's only today that i started to have a bit of solid food. i lost 5kgs over the weekend but i hope it won't happen again! thought my boss would notice my sunken cheeks back at work today but the welcomed greeting was "can you stay on top of this testing please". raise your hands if you like your boss? heck.

however, at least to end the day right, i came home to find a nice surprise package waiting for me. no i didn't shop online!

the very nice people at INA NYC, consignment stores around new york, sent me a very thoughtful care package!!

they sent me this gorgeous grey colored helmut lang travel wallet, just what i've been looking for all these while, no joke!!!!!

as they operate on consignment basis, this wallet could be from several seasons ago, maybe even from mr lang's era. whichever, i still love it no less!! thank you jess, sky and baj for your generosity! this definitely perked me up after my horrible weekend virus! this will definitely come in handy for my next trip away, which i hope will be soon!

those in nyc go check them out, cos i know i will when i am next there! those overseas like me, check out their online store! they really do stock some great stuff there, some of the lust list items i blogged about here was actually from their store!

happy shopping! and thank you to INA NYC, we love you!


  1. Wow, did they send it to you for free? That would be very generous of them...
    Well, at least you feel a lot better now :-)!

  2. Gorgeous gift from INA! Welcome back and start eating!

  3. You lost 5kg! Wow! And the wallet's gorgy!

  4. loving the wallet. lucky you!

  5. chris: yes it's a freebie from them :D

    LO: have you been to INA?

    BB/DD: thank you! i love Love LOVE the wallet! they wrote back to say it's from helmut lang's helmut lang era!!!!!

  6. Welcome back and enjoy your gifts.
    I love your raise your hands if you love your boss comment! :)

  7. oh my thats just stunning, your a very lucky fella to be receiving freebies on this scale.

    one very jealous boy.


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