Friday, 26 June 2009

versace men spring summer 2010 show

some pics inside the versace theatre:

guests taking their seats...

more waiting...

i'm stalking jim moore again...

i don't know who this swan is but she sure moves gracefully

getting ready for show now...

the finale was pretty special, everyone was expecting the models to do another round at the catwalk but this is how they ended the show instead...

& three of my favourite looks from the show:
i love love love the bamboo print on the leather, exquisite.

the bags they were holding looked like toiletries bag really, but strangely appealing..

the leather waist bag/pouch looks functional and amazing, i want!

versace wasn't on my original list of shows to watch, but thanks to the wonderful clare and bianca i got to experience the magic. *hearts*

coming up soon, pics before the show!


  1. love the fanny pack.

    seems like small leather goods are the trend this season. first, D&G with their clutches, and now these fanny packs.


  2. Your "swan" is Nadege, a runway superstar of the 1990s.

  3. The pouch went up to first place on my NEED list for next year. Practical and stylish.

  4. the bamboo leather garment is indeed a winner. i love the 2nd jacket clashing with the top inside. 3rd one - the sweater and shoes have my heart. all damn nice.

  5. allan: fanny packs?! but i like hehe

    LO: you are the know it all! she's gorgeous

    soleiyu: me too, 2010 looks expensive!

    tom tuttle: we love versace!

  6. With every collection..I start to love Donatella even more. The only designer that make a drool worthy man-clutch. the little fanny-pack belt thing reminds me of Hermes, but I need one in my life ASAP.


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