Tuesday, 2 June 2009

where will life take you

louis vuitton commemorates the 40th anniversary of man’s conquest of the moon, by featuring three astronauts in their latest "core values" advertising campaign. it features buzz aldrin, the second man to set foot upon the moon; jim lovell, the commander of apollo 13; and sally ride, the first american woman to venture into space as a crew member on space shuttle challenger.

i am loving all these "core values" campaign shots by annie leibovitz. they all have a common theme: journey. i find it very apt since their core business is about travel, and life itself is a journey.

love love lvoe the campaigns.

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  1. i like the catherine & sean ones the best!

  2. these LV ads are the uber best. Timeless. Heartful. Makes their luxury bags relevant to our distinct lives

    *i'm adoring & hopefully coveting those BLACK H&M shoes u posted!!


  3. Keith Richards' custom made guitar case for the win

  4. honestly, the Coppola ad is the only reason why i got the Neverfull in monogram, altho i'm more of a Damier/Azur or full leather person.


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