Wednesday, 8 July 2009

backstage after versace spring summer 2010 menswear show

it's sean o'pry!!!

backstage at versace is a very mind boggling scene, all the heavy weights are there! i really do get incredibly star struck. sean was the first model i nervously and sheepishly approached backstage at versace, and i am so so glad that he agreed to pose for a pic. ok it's wrong to say this at a versace show but i said i really like him in the f/w 09 giorgio armani ads.

in hindsight i really should have said i loved that editorial he did with camilla akrans for "man about town". it is still by far my favourite, and it brought my attention to camilla akrans. i should have asked him where was that taken as the back drop is really stunning.

anyway, here's sean in action at versace spring 2010:



  1. my love for sean grows more and more everyday.

    and yes! I adore the man about town ed. it's one of my favourites by far.


  2. he's stunning. and i love that ed :)

  3. I like how these models don't look too muscular. I mean, look at him. He doesn't look too imposing with his built (he's actually bordering on being slim) and yet he's still incredibly sexy.

    *sigh* Models. Love them.

    I love the word verification for this comment: prala

    One letter away.

  4. God would you look at him, Sean is absolutely gorgeous. Hope he's around for a long while.


what's he wearing?