Friday, 10 July 2009

big hugs to diesel (part 2)

the lovely people at diesel sent me a care package yesterday, and couriered it directly to the office. i didn't want to open it in the office, but i called diesel to say thanks. when they told me they sent me a raincoat, a tear nearly welled at the corner of my eye. a raincoat to weather any storms that come my way. am sure it's totally unrelated to my horrendous week, but i believe in things like that, and therefore things will get better. it will.

a hand written note to accompany the package, that is really the sweetest gesture.

the "diesel black gold" trench/rain coat fits perfectly. just how do they know my size i do not know. have you guys been sizing me up?

a similar version in grey is available on their site, and this is probably how i will wear it too. click here to see more pics.

will take some pics of me in the coat soon.

can't thank you enough, a little gesture goes a long way.



  1. Wow... The one you got looks much better than the grey one, imo. You're privileged.

  2. oh wow i love this raincoat. i would've gotten it in the same color as you got.

  3. a great trench at just the right time too! and i like the zippers on the sleeve. ive been very impressed with diesel lately.
    i hope things get better :)

  4. Am glad you are feeling better and being more chirpy now! Love the raincoat!

  5. lucky boy your are. such a nice colour, much prefer it to the grey one. bit more interesting. whats your tip! i want free things

  6. looks beautiful!! :]

  7. Love the color on the coat you got. Lucky bastard :D

  8. i am ok, much thanks to the wonderful guys at diesel :)

  9. Lindo, gostei muito!

    Eu quero!



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