Sunday, 12 July 2009

ce soir ce soir

.: gardens of palais royal, paris :.

back from paris, we love the eurostar it's so convenient and efficient. though it's only a day trip, it felt liberating and fresh, just to be able to escape from the usual surroundings. the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

received a few comments about the green massimo dutti shoes, it's very comfortable, and i wore it with tabio loafer socks (i can't stand wearing shoes with no socks on!). it's not exactly travelling but just a day out in the city, so new shoes or not it doesn't matter.

reader laurent suggested i visit pierre hardy at palais royal (i did, you had to ring the door bell to get in, and shoes were reduced from about €600 to €350 (!!???)), and visit pierre hermé pastry shop which many commented was better than laduree. unfortunately i ran out of time, but next time i will. and then i also met pierre who treated me to the most delicious fat free yogurt ever (ok i cheated, i had oreo cookies with mine). pierre day much?

i managed to rein myself in and not buy anything frivolous. but i couldn't resist getting this at the station:

the bountiful helena christensen on the cover of citizen k, for €1!

pretty decent magazine for this price really...

just how did they work out €1, or £6 or US$14??!!! who's interested, i'll sell mine for US$14.

it's been a l00o00ng day. a lot to think about and reflect on.

i love paris.


what's he wearing?