Monday, 20 July 2009

a few accessories from burberry prorsum menswear spring 2010

sometimes items are featured on the runway show but it doesn't make it to the shop floor. i hope these bags make it into production, they are just the right size for daily use. i am for all things military so these bags tick all my boxes.

on the runway:

and the vintage chelsea boots as featured above:

i heart heart heart.



  1. luv them
    but from where did u get ur jeans ?
    and i need an advice:
    well first i'm really thin (24 waist)
    and it is like really hard 2 find a pair of jeans that fits me
    so i want 2 know if u can lead me 2 clothing stores for thin men ( it doesnt have 2 b 24 , cuz 26/28/29 will do )

  2. anon: the jeans are from diesel black gold.

    if you fit size 24, why not consider trying jeans from the ladies' range? and if you are willing to splurge, i remember harrods or selfridges has a jeans made to measure service. tailor made, guaranteed to suit you.

    hope that helps

  3. I really like these bags! Keep us posted!

  4. hopefully those boots go into production!

  5. I'm sorry but I find them all quite fugly.

  6. I wonder how much they'll be charging for the stencilled £10 canvas army surplus bag.

  7. o... the bag you were carrying seems very similar to the bag I bought from (a local Hong Kong brand) few years ago while I was there visiting...I think I will start carrying it this summer....

  8. i am a much more interested in some of the other bags they had on the runway. Like that leather backpack you covered before. So beautiful.

  9. awesome shots of the bags, love the army surplus gone prorsum aesthetic. any other prorsum bag i've liked has been leather, so this is a very nice twist...

  10. They seem to be canvas.
    But are there not also leather bags in exactly this design?


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