Monday, 20 July 2009

gareth pugh menswear fall winter 2009

gareth pugh, one of britain's rising stars, debuted his menswear collection during paris fashion week back in jan this year. formidable i thought, for a relative newbie to present a formal show in paris. it later emerged that LVMH financed the show, and since then there were rumors all round that he will next take over dior homme.

if LVMH spotted a talent, then we should all sit up and take notice. in my humble opinion, bags of talent is one thing, ability to translate that into sales is another.

that said, i do like the t-shirt and pleated leather jacket. click on pic for more details.


  1. I do like the jacket. I reckon it'd look good on a woman. Unisexual really.

  2. i had figured lvmh was backing him financially. esp. since around the time he was talking about launching makeup and perfumes and such, how else could a new designer afford that w/o a large backer?

    i believe the men's collection may also be produced in smaller szs for women as well.

  3. but he didn't have a spring summer 2010 show at Paris the other week, i assume he is moving it to London?

  4. RK: hmm good point. but i have no idea...

  5. I'm sure he will do fine, eventually. I think he will have to produce collections that are able to sale(commercial aspect), but also keep his voice. He was backed by the LVMH Andam prize, but as far as it is known, LVMH is not backing him. Furthermore, he is under Rick Owens and Michele Lamy's guiding wings, and using their resources(factories)


what's he wearing?