Friday, 17 July 2009

grey matter part two

one of the reasons why i love online retailer is that we can always find lots of past season stuff at great prices. it's a much more controlled sale environment (no scene of sale madness in shops) and we don't need exclusive membership for it (eg gilt groupe).

yoox is doing very well in this retail climate. there were talks of an IPO soon (listing their company on the stock exchange where people can buy shares in them). besides their own shopping site, they also provide the platform and technology for many other retailers, including emporio armani, bally, marni etc.

ok business aside, here are the gems i uncovered today, click on pics for more info:

balenciaga wool peacoat with gold crest buttons
from fall winter 2007. i think there's only 1 piece available and it's in size 48EU. but note they cut their coats small. i'm normally a size 48 but i take size 50 for their coats.

here's mine in black with gold buttons:
i love my coat, but i actually harboured thoughts of selling it. i find it a tad too showy.

and i also found my favourite sweater!

balenciaga 100% cashmere sweater
from fall winter 2007. it is so soft and luxurious it's one of my best investment piece ever.

here's mine in action. i'm usually a medium but i went up a size for their sweaters:

i love balenciaga! buy Buy BUY!


  1. I really love the gold buttoned coat. I can't decide if I like the blue or the grey one better, both looks equally gorgeous. You look good in your coat as well. Fits you to a T.

  2. dont sell the coat it is amazing its not showey at all.

  3. Its amazing color (black)...if I can afford it I would buy it too.

  4. showy? nonsense! keep it!

  5. i'm trying to stay away from yoox, every time i go there, i find something. now there are 4 items in my shopping cart, i'm hesitating to press the buy button. lol!

  6. someone must have gotten the grey one already, i looked at UK USA and germany yoox and cant find it any where. If your really thinking of selling it, I would be very interested in it (i like black more any way). Did it also come with fur trim?

  7. brent: click on the pic, it should bring you to the page. i just checked UK site still has it.

    mine doesnt come with the fur trim. i'm keen to get it but can't find it anywhere.

    what's your size anyway?

  8. im usually 48. but i have long arms so it depends on the that some times if i go up to 50. I also like black more than grey

  9. I'm so upset that it's too small for me , i wanted it in grey for the longest ! ...I just love your blog , this is my new addiction .
    Could you tell me some boutiques names in London , the Colette Paris types . Thank you in advance .

  10. anon: the closest i can think of is dover street market by CDG. it just reminded me of colette, on a bigger floor space.

    another smaller boutiques include browns (, matches (matchesfashion). poste has amazing selection of shoes (dries van noten, dior etc), and browns recently opened a new shoe lounge which is fantastic.

    hope that helps :)

  11. It was very helpful thank you , Actually , i'm looking for a store in London that would exclusively carry our brand in the U.K although we only have 2 products at the moment . Something a bit more urban but not too urban.. I didn't mean to be anonymous earlier but it wouldn't let me leave a comment any other way . Well thank you very much for the quick response .

  12. the jacket is definitely a MUST KEEP.
    if I were to choose between the black and the grey, my preference would be the grey. It could lose a few of the gold buttons (top set by the breasts and the set at the shoulders). I feel then it would be perfect. The buttons on the black are just perfect because the style is different. and RE your thoughts that this is showy... I agree, but it is showy in a good way. As a fashion enthusiast, you do not want to blend in with the crowd all the time. Stand out, shout your presence!

  13. oh boo. i've been scouring for this coat ever since i saw it on you blog. but alas, i too am normally a 48, and i'll take your word for it that i would be a 50.

    I mean, i'm a 48 in the jackets from SS09, but for some reason the peacoat really does look cut smaller. i could probably FIT into a 48, but it would be slightly tight in the shoulders, and that's no fun.

    oh well! thanks for the update! you look fabulous. :)

  14. omg i love this coat...but prefer the black one u have!!! grey seems hard to mix and match....

    gawd hope they will pop a black or navy one out soon in the same size!!!!

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  16. aside from the gorgeous jacket, i find the pic w/ the raised leg cute and endearing :D


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