Monday, 13 July 2009

interesting phenomenon

"i never pay attention to costs, it's not attractive to speak about numbers. why can't we just focus on the beauty of an object? i don't know anything about the financial crisis. we'll make a recovery by everyone loving their life, each other, and being positive." roberto cavalli, as interviewed by sunday times.

the power of very positive thinking by mr cavalli. it's been mentioned that his "just cavalli" label has recently encountered financial difficulties, but it's not attractive to speak about numbers. he's also starting a new bespoke service above his paris flagship called "roberto cavalli saint-honoré", creating no more than 35 dresses per year for his most affluent clients, with each starting at €30,000. it's definitely economic recovery at team cavalli.

meanwhile at team celine, after a critically aclaimed launch of the resort collection by phobe philo, they decided to close the only store in london at bruton street. even the website is "undergoing maintenance".



  1. Pheobe Philo focused on investment pieces. Nude, black and gray were key shades in the range making the pieces appear easily mix and matchable. In terms of silhouette Philo played with clean sportswear looks, demonstrating a more sober, sophisticated style than the girlish, bohemian look of Chloe.

  2. i remember when celine was very much an the IT label when micheal kors was designing for them.

  3. While I appreciate the whole "Let's forget about how much things cost and just create beauty" thing, beauty can always be created on the cheap. Then again, he's head of a luxury brand so he can make whatever he wants! :)

    I couldn't help but be angry at his perfunctory comment while wondering where I can get the jacket on the right. LOL


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