Thursday, 16 July 2009

lunch in paris

when we were in paris last saturday, we had lunch in a quaint little restaurant tucked away in a quiet street just away from palais royal. the food was good and so much so that i forgot to take pics of it. it was pretty pricey, but once in a while it's ok.

we did not go for the set menu which was reasonable at €22 for three courses. instead we had a "bisque of crustaceans with saffron and scallops" to start (€14), and i had "fresh tagliatelle with seafood" ( €19) while my friend had "lamb cooked for seven hours" (€25).

rather than the traditional basket of bread, we were served chicken pate instead. it was very good.

mmmmm f00o00d.


  1. finally! a little glimpse of your face.

  2. hmmm whatever happened a few days ago must have ruffled some of your feathers to make you post your face shot but this is just my guess ;)

  3. you love Evian, dont you ;)

  4. come on joe, post a clearer pic next time. a guy with such good fashion sense is a very good looking guy, don't be shy.

  5. I'd actually advise not to show your face. It is far more classy and I'm sure at this point, with so many loyal viewers (and those who follow just anticipating when you'll show us your pussy lips or pop into those slim jeans again), I'm sure our mental assumptions of what you look like have been skewed and altered by the likes of brad pitt etc etc etc. We all love you as a blogger and not showing has increased the level of mystery, keeping more readers tuning in to every post.

  6. I'm so glad my girlfriend speaks French is all I have to say!


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